About Us

Between The BunsThey began with a vision, kitchen equipment, a copious amount of demolition and an empty storefront. Pete and father, Rich Pietranek, put their construction expertise to work, and Between the Buns was born.

Between the Buns’s owner, Peter Pietranek always had a love for the classic pairing of cooked meat and fresh buns. Throughout high school and college, Pete worked at several Chicago-style restaurants where he cultured his tastes in hot dogs, hamburgers and beef sandwiches. After college, Pete joined his family’s construction business. During his free time from twenty years of construction management, Pete honed his passion for cooking and grilling meat over the weekends. When the housing market crashed, Pete decided to capitalize on this passion by opening up his own restaurant.

Between the Buns offers the freshest Angus Burgers, Hot Dogs and Polish by Nathans, Italian Beef and Sausage, Chicken Sandwiches, Ice Cream and Shakes, and Fresh-Cut French Fries using only fresh potatoes straight from Idaho.
Between The Buns
Between the Buns also has free Wi-Fi, donates any compostable material to those who need it and is happy to consider any fundraising projects.